Suffragette City




London was at the centre of the suffragette protests just before the First World War, when the capital was rocked by arson attempts, hunger strikes and massive demonstrations. See the church where Emily Wilding Davison’s funeral cortège began, and the sites of the Pankhurst HQ, so often raided by the police, and the suffragette hospital where all the staff, including surgeons, were women.

If you want to come along, look on Eventbrite or Funzing.

5 thoughts on “Suffragette City

  1. Hi Paul & Oonagh
    Intend to make the 29th @ 1.30pm Villiers Street. Hope to bring some friends too.
    Have been busy recently hence my absence from recent walks.


    • Hi Jeannie

      We have had a few people come back to us to say that the Climate March is on 29th and that they would have come with us otherwise. With this in mind we have moved the date to 22nd. Will you still be able to join us? I hope so. Paul.


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