From Hay to Houses: Stroud Green Discovered



Our walk takes us to the south of the borough where historically Hornsey parish met Islington parish.

Why is it known as Stroud Green?

Why are there so many stables here?

What’s so special about the panels outside the Old Dairy?

Why is there a kink in Upper Tollington Park by the old railway bridge?

Why did the fences go up at Finsbury Park?

Which block of flats caused national excitement when it was built?

Where is Stapleton Hall?

Find out how Stroud Green turned from a nice to place to go for the week end for Elizabethans, to one of London’s suburbs, with a reputation for radical protest.

If you want to come along, let us know at or on 07986 504894.  We meet outside the World’s End pub, 23 Stroud Green Road, N4 at 11am.

4 thoughts on “From Hay to Houses: Stroud Green Discovered

    • Hi Helen

      Thanks for your interest. If you have a look at our Walks Coming Up page, you can see everything we have planned in the near future. Our last walk in Stroud Green was a couple of weeks ago. Today we have a tour of Hornsey Town Hall, which you are very welcome to join. We meet just by the entrance at 2pm.


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