Bermondsey – Priories, Leather and London’s Larder

Bermondsey neglected for a long time as an area wrecked by the blitz, is full of great history. A priory was established here on an islet in the marsh south of the river, when a cross found in the mud was seen as a miraculous, the ruins can be found under a Tunisian restaurant. In the 19th century it was known as London’s Larder with so many food factories around and the docks storing foodstuffs from all over the Empire. The leather industry here too; after they had finished with the hides in the meat markets in the City, so they were brought here for curing. The smell was overpowering.

Now it’s back and the warehouses of old are housing art galleries, glass blowing workshops and cafes even in the house once reserved for the man watching out for the body snatchers!

The walk takes about an hour and three quarters and costs £5.

We meet at 1.30, upstairs at London Bridge station by the branch of WH Smiths.