Archway – A Walk on the Dark Side

Archway Tower looks a bit better these days, but it’s still a very busy corner that you try to avoid if you can.  It replaced amongst other things, the Chivers jam factory. These days we find it quite surprising that there was a factory in the heart of a residential area.

However in the days before planning legislation, a factory was in some ways quite welcome here. It was a short journey to work for the employees, particularly important for the many women with part time roles here. With the redevelopment also went the 1930’s station and all the shops and cinemas that were the heart of the area.

Go back even further to the 19th century and this was a quiet rural area on the outskirts of London. In 1860 Benjamin Samuel Williams cultivated rare and exotic orchids at the Victoria and Paradise Nurseries and his works now change hands for thousands of pounds at auction.

Meet at Junction Road exit of Archway Underground Station at 1.30pm